HMMT Online Tournament

General Information

The Harvard-MIT Mathematics Online Tournament is a remote version of the contest organized for teams and individuals that could not attend the Cambridge tournament due to space or distance limitations. For general information about the tests, see here. Results of the online tournament will be sent out to all participants after the answers have been graded.


Register using this form for February 2018.

All competitors must register through a team of 1 to 6 students (November) or 1 to 8 students (February), inclusive. Thus, individuals wishing to participate in HMMT Online must also register as teams so that the registration process will be uniform. Registration for the Online HMMT will open two weeks prior to the contest date and close the morning of the tournament. For November, it will open on 10/30/17 and will close on 11/11/17 at 7am EST. For February, it will open on 1/22/18 and close on 2/10/18 at 7am EST.

Contest Rules

In order to simulate the conditions of the contest, all competitors are asked to adhere to the rules set out for the on-site Tournament, which can be found here. In short, students may not use any construction or computational aids including graph paper, calculators, compasses, rulers, etc. or consult any outside or online sources while participating in the contest.

Proctoring and Administration

We require that any team competing in our Online Tournament be located in the same physical location. Although we do not require it, each team and individual is strongly recommended to have a proctor on hand whose responsibility will be to keep time, ensure all rules are followed, and deal with submission of tests. One person may serve as proctor for more than one team, but they must all be located in the same place.

The online tournament should be administered by an adult proctor, who will email in answers for all the students at the end of administration. Shortly before the first round is posted online, we will email proctors with reminders and any additional updates before the contest. We will also post the tests online at the location of that link about 10 minutes after the corresponding round has commenced on-site. Any corrections or updates will also be both emailed and posted to the link. For detailed instructions, please see the rules.


Because the answers to the rounds are in short answer form, we ask that coaches and proctors submit student responses through an online form whose link will be sent out in an email along with the questions


For both November and February, we will be applying weights to the questions after the test using on-site competitors’ results.


As the online tournament is unofficial, results will be emailed to the competitors’ within two weeks of the competition but not made publicly available online. Accordingly, prizes are not awarded for the online tournament.

Past Problems

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Solutions are available on the November 2016 archive page.