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Welcome to HMMT Hydrogen! This system lets you (individually or as a team) participate in "live-graded" versions of HMMT tests.

Here are some hints on how to use the system.

  1. To get started go to "Active Contests"; you can then enter any contest for which the window has started.
  2. You do not need to register a user account to participate. When you enter a contest, you will be asked for just a name and email (no password), and once you submit this information the timer will start automatically.
  3. When you enter a contest, you will be given a special link to a page where you can enter answers. We use this link in lieu of an account/password system, so be careful not to lose it.
  4. Format: Every contest will have:
    • A total time limit.
    • A set of problems, each with a fixed weight (displayed on the website once the contest starts).
    • A maximum number of attempts per problem.
  5. Online grading is live, meaning you receive feedback immediately on submitted answers. As noted above, there is a maximum number of times you can attempt each problem.
  6. Because all contests hosted online here are unofficial events, we do not post rankings visibly anywhere.