Registration Policy and Applications

Registration for both tournaments has now closed.

HMMT has received an increasing number of student registrations over the past several years. Our capacity limited to approximately 900 students for each tournament, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate everyone who applies onsite.

Most students participate in teams of 4-6 (November) and 6-8 (February). In addition, we have space for a limited number of individual competitors, who participate officially in the individual rounds and on unofficial teams (formed on the day of the tournament) in the team rounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tournament should I apply for?

Choose the tournament that best suits your ability and experience. For more information, see here. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact us at

Can I attend both tournaments?

Due to space concerns, no student may attend both the November and February tournaments in a given academic year.

How many teams can I register?

No organization may send more than three teams to the February competition or five teams to the November competition.

How are the teams selected in the application?

For each tournament, the top 40 teams in the Sweepstakes for each year are automatically accepted if they re-apply the next year. Other than that, the selection is simply a lottery, using numbers generated from

What can I do if you don't have room for me? I really really want to come to HMMT!

Teams unable to compete on-site are welcome to compete in our unofficial, online competition. More information about the online tournament can be found here.

Who can I form a team with?

All members of a team must attend school within 150 miles of each other. We realize that it is easier to find interested students nearby in some regions than others; please let us know at if your team has extenuating circumstances.

Who should I form a team with?

It is important that all members of a team find the tournament at which they are competing to be most appropriate for them. As a result, many students will find it more apt to compete on a regional team, instead of with his or her school team. If you are looking to compete on a regional team at either tournament but have not yet found enough fellow students to send a full team, we are happy to help connect you with other students nearby; please contact us at

How do I register as an individual?

If you are an affiliated individual, i.e. affiliated to a competing organization, you should register through the coach of that organization. If you are an unaffiliated individual, register here.

Both kinds of individuals compete officially in the individual rounds, and on unofficial teams (formed day-of with other individuals) in the team and guts rounds.

If I already registered last year, am I all set?

No. You need to re-apply every year that you intend compete.

Top 40 teams in the Sweepstakes from the previous year will automatically be accepted at the same tournament in the current year. However, these teams must still fill out applications to be considered.

When do I have to finalize my rosters?

Before October 8, all parts of your application (including the number of teams and names of students) may be changed freely. After teams and individuals have been accepted to the tournament, you may no longer add additional teams or individuals, but team rosters may be modified up until a week before each tournament.

How much does it cost to attend?

The registration fees are $\$$80 per team, and $\$$10 per individual (a team of 8 student pays $\$$80, not $\$$160). Payment should not be made until you or your team have been accepted to the tournament.

How do I pay?

You may either mail payments to us, or deliver them to us on Friday or Saturday of tournament weekend. You may pay by cash or check (payable to “Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament”). If you choose to mail your payment, we request that it arrives before February 7, 2018. Please remember to indicate which teams or individuals you are paying for. For the 2018 - 2019 school year the mailing address is:
Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (℅ Student Activities Office)
Building W20-501
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Do teams need to be accompanied by adults?

Each organization must provide one adult to help proctor on the day of the contest -- proctors should be available between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Organizations with extenuating circumstances should contact us at